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By-Player-Name Collection Pricing

Special pricing is available for purchasing a sequential collection of digital images from By-Player-Name galleries.  Upon purchasing a set number of images in a single cash/check transaction:

     - you will receive a link via e-mail to download that collection of images,

     - the images downloaded will be full resolution with no watermarks. 

Please note that:

- Images purchased as a collection are a sequential set based upon the order in which they appear in the galleryFor example, images 10 through 50 is a sequential set.  The gallery order is ordered oldest to newest.  There is no option to select non-sequential images. 

- You will need to specify the first image in the collection.

- Once purchased, images are removed from the By-Player-Name gallery, but will remain in the galleries for the various event.

- Each transaction must be for a minimum purchase of 15 images.

- Each transaction is priced using the table below. Previous purchases do not count toward additional or later purchases.

- Images are provided as-is with no further editing provided (more info here). 

- Purchase prices do not include sales tax.

- Transactions must be made by cash or check. 

- The link to download the gallery will expire in 14 days.

- Please contact me via e-mail or at (205) 242-9914 to arrange purchase.


Collection purchase example for gallery with 60 images:  

     Purchase 36 images (#11-#46), $1.30 per image = $46.80  

     Purchase remaining 24 images later, $1.40 per image = $33.60  

     Purchase all 60 images (#1-#60) at one time, $1.20 per image = $72.00

Note that purchasing all 60 images in a single transaction results in a savings of $8.40.

Pricing is also provided for convenience in the table below...